Founded by Americo Emilio Romi in 1930 as an automobile repair shop in Santa Barbara d’Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Industries Romi S.A. has grown to become a global leader in Machine Tools, Plastic Injection Molding Machines, High Precision Adjustable Boring Systems and Rough and Machined Castings. Its products and services are marketed domestically and exported to five continents for industries such as automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, agricultural machinery and implements, and industrial machinery and equipment. Our brand name is synonymous with quality, technology and reliable products
and services.


Products Romi manufacture's Machine Tools (metal cutting machines and metal removal equipment such as CNC Lathes, Conventional Engine Lathes, and Machining Centers); Plastic Injection Molding Machines; and Rough or machined grey, ductile and vermicular castings.


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