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Industrial Pumps & Pumping Systems


Industrial Pumps

Both Graymills™ and WD Distributing's factory trained representatives are prepared to offer any assistance in selecting the right pump for your application. The more information you can furnish, the quicker—and more precisely—the appropriate pump and/or pumping system can be selected.

The following information identifies the major factors to be considered in specifying a pump. If you are familiar with pump applications, you will need to refer only to the Motor Selection information in this section. Flow charts for each model appear on their individual pages.

Part Washers

General Industrial

In today's manufacturing environment, parts cleaning must be effective, environmentally sound, and adaptable for cellular manufacturing.  Graymills parts washers are manufactured in the USA, providing the most diverse range of cleaning equipment. 

Graymills provides equipment solutions in manual, immersion, ultrasonic, and spray cleaning methodologies. The Graymills test lab can test different methods and chemistries on your sample parts and provide documenting video showing the results.  Our machines can be customized to suit your requirements.  Typical customizations provide automated loading/unloading, temperature controls, and multi-stage clean, rinse and dry.