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Choose between three flexible and lightweight 6 axis robot arms

Our 3 Universal Robot arms are all highly flexible and lightweight 6-axis robot arms. Our 6 axis robot arms are designed to excel in a wide range of applications.The collaborative robots, or cobots, are categorized based on payload limits. The different models also have reach, weight and footprint differences.

  UR3 robot arm
UR5 robot arm
UR10 robot arm
Working radius 500 mm/19.7 ins 850 mm/33.5 ins  1300 mm/51.2 ins
Payload 3 kg/6.6 lbs
5 kg/11 lbs 10 kg/22 lbs
Weight 11 kg/24.3 lbs
18.4 kg/40.6 lbs 28.9 kg/63.7 lbs
Footprint 128 mm/4.6 ins
149 mm/5.9 ins 190 mm/7.5 ins
Axis 6 axis 6 axis 6 axis


6 axis robots from universal robots
Collaborative robots by Universal robots work alongside humans

What are your future robotic requirements?



You might only need a certain reach and payload today, but with the flexibility you gain with a 6 axis robot from UR, you will be able to automate much more in the future. So while a smaller robot’s reach and payload limits may meet your needs today, many of our customers find that a larger model offers better long-term flexibility. All UR robot arms are easy to move and set up for new processes and manufacturing changes. Programming is quick and easy, and programmes can be saved and accessed again for later use.


Where will you mount your robot arms?


Around 80% of the 6 axis UR robots worldwide operate with no safety guarding after initial risk assessment. Without expensive, space-consuming fencing, a 6 axis robot from UR are easy to implement virtually anywhere in your operation. Our portable, lightweight, space-saving robots can often fit into work cells and production lines where traditional robots would not. And they can be moved and reprogrammed as often as needed.


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Will your robot work collaboratively with humans?


Universal Robots are designed to work in close collaboration with humans, or by themselves. In fact, for added safety, our third-generation of 6 axis robots can operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work cell and then resume full speed when the operator leaves. In other set-ups, the 6 axis robot can run at full speed inside a CNC machine, and then at reduced speed when outside. Eight safety functions are monitored by our patented safety system: joint position and speed, TCP position, orientation, speed and force, as well as the momentum and force of the robot. These settings can only be changed in a password-protected area of the software.



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Will you be connecting your robot to peripherals & external machinery?

All of our 6 axis robots use True Absolute Encoders that simplify integration with peripherals and external machinery. 16 additional digital I/Os make it easy to configure and connect each model. See our applications page for cases that show how flexible and adaptable our 6 axis robots are.


6 axis robot with absolute true encoders


See the robots in action


 See what the collaborative robots can do, how easy they can be programmed and how flexible they are. Inspirational demonstration visits from your local distributor are available on site at your business. Call WD Distributing for more information about our 6 axis robots.