Scotchman Industries, Inc. is a leading producer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories, and custom tools. We have a complete line of thirteen different Hydraulic Ironworkers, versatile machines that can be used for metal punching, shearing, bending, tube cutting, and pipe notching.

Scotchman also produces a line of Cold Saws, in addition to our ShearMaster 610, a heavy-duty 24” plate shear. Our Advanced Feed System can be used as a fully automatic feed system or as a programmable "go-to" stop; our Advanced Measuring Systems are guaranteed not to slip and can be adapted to almost any type of woodworking or metal machinery.

Scotchman's line of Tube & Pipe Notchers create perfect notches in just seconds and require no costly dies, hole saws, grinding wheels or torch flame cutting.

Scotchman's Utility Band Saw is ideal for the small to mid-sized manufacturer, repair shop, maintenance department or shop class.  It is simple to use, fast and accurate.

Our products fit a wide range of applications from small farm shops to large manufacturing facilities.

Scotchman is proud to be an American manufacturer and offer a Best-in-the-Business Warranty.

WD Distributing is your best choice for service and parts on all your Scotchman products, servicing Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth, Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas City and Little Rock metro areas. 


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Cold Saws

Band Saw

Tube & Pipe Notchers


Advanced Feed System

Advanced Measuring System